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the Artist: Roman R. Eichhorn
About Artist and teacher of fine arts

Born 1948 in the UdSSR, the painter and commercial artist absolved his studies at the Surikow Academy of fine arts in Moscow. Continuing by working as master-student with Prof. Jewgenij A.Kibrik and Prof. Orest G. Werejski at the State Academy Moscow. 1995 the artist started his studio in Wiesbaden, his own private artschool, where from 1997 he introduced children, young people and adults into fundamental principles of art. Regular exhibitions in the studio and other public spaces in Wiesbaden accompany the teaching period.

Being subsidized by the city of Wiesbaden, (scholarship for studio at Kunsthaus Wiesbaden), Eichhorn expanded his work 2003 and occopied another studio at the Kunsthaus, facilities that now permit him to realize large scale paintings. From 2004 on Eichhorn has been writing about his padagocic perception and program on art for Moscow journals Art School and Art council, the German social, political journal „Ost - West Panorama”. Institutions who appreciate and collect Eichhorns art ranges from the Russian Ministry of Culture to public collections of the UdSSR, the Ministry of Science and Art in Hassia Germany, the Artothek, Wiesbaden, the WWK Lebensversicherung, Munich, and also include private collections. R. Eichhorn is member of the International Art Funds Moscow and the society zur Förderung künstlerischer Projecte mit gesellschaftlicher Relevanz e.V. In regular one man shows the artist presents his work and as well as in collective exhibitions with other artists. In the last years his focus has been mainly on painting.

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